Welcome, Fellow Explorer

Thanks for joining my journey to explore space biology as a graduate student in Plant and Microbial Biology at NC State University. I will be working on a plant biology project funded by NASA through the NC Space Grant. My project strives to unravel part of the mystery of how plants sense light and gravity, and hopefully, information gleaned from it will help astronauts grow plants better in space and the rest of us grow plants better here on earth.

If you are here, I am guessing you are someone who shares my love of space exploration or botany, or very likely both. This blog is for you to learn and wonder with me on my research journey, but the journey is not for me to take alone. Science is for everyone and can be done by anyone, anywhere. Along with sharing my research, I will be posting plenty of ideas for DIY space botany related projects that you can do yourself along the way. Some of these projects will be great for kids, others for adult makers. We will make plant mazes, use raspberry pi’s to do time lapse photography, tinker with hydroponics, and 3D-print clinostats.

Whether you are a biologist, tinkerer, science educator, or simply someone who dreams of sending life to the stars: welcome, strap in, and let’s explore together.

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